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A place to trade tags with friends. Learn about tagvillage here too.
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Exclusive Tag Traders Group
If you are interested in being a member of our Tag Trading group, please
REGISTER with your tagvillage username here, then contact your sponsor or you can
send a private message on this site to Alisa or one of the other moderators:

kaimanayana, scrapgirl, yanji, MrEZMoneymaker, damohr, aftrusoon, or Alisa

Thanks to aLL of you that are trading well here! ** GREAT WORK from some of you!

NOTE to ALL: Please take a couple of minutes and READ the Rules of the Forums: RULES
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PostSubject: RULES - PLEASE READ FIRST   RULES - PLEASE READ FIRST EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 7:00 pm

Rules of this exclusive Group:

1. Respect all members. If you have ANY issue with a member, contact them directly and try to resolve it in private, please. If that is not possible, please contact your sponsor or a leader/moderator in private. We want this group to stay positive and supportive for all members.

2. Please BUY tags for sale in this group's forums FIRST, before buying from outside sources. Post in our forums FIRST, before posting to outside sources. If you only post here and sell tags, but do not buy from our members, you WILL BE BANNED for 2 days. If you come back and do not buy, you will be BANNED permanently. Let's all keep tags rolling and be fair!!

3. AFTER you have purchased tags from a thread, YOU MUST REPLY to that thread to post a list of the tags you purchased in order to keep everyone on the same page, trading and being ACCOUNTABLE to our group.

4. ALL TAGS you list, must have at LEAST 1 PPC Advertiser in Keywordspy and/or at least .50 Clicks per Day in Google's Traffic Estimator (on exact mode).
The more PPC Advertisers and/or Clicks per Day, the faster and more often YOUR tags will sell.
If you do not know how to use these tools, please reach out to your sponsor, watch a video on the 'Tools' forum, or contact a moderator
of this forum to get some help. We ALL want everyone to learn and prosper here.

5. Post only ONE topic in each of the various valued Forums. You can update YOUR topics every time you need to add or remove tags. YOu can also edit the subject of your topic with the date if you like. This will keep the Forum Cleaner and easier to navigate.

If you have ANY problems or suggestions, please contact YOUR SPONSOR first, then come to a moderator here and private message them, if your issue has not been resolved in a reasonable time/manner.

Each member will have different Entry Thresholds and Exit Thresholds. Therefore, if every member is actively trading from the Trading Tags lists of other members, everyone will gain. The majority of new Tags introduced to the 13 cent Forum should come from new referrals added to the group. If you are buying tags from the forum, posting what you purchased as a 'reply' to the topic, and listing good tags for sale, you will be MOST successful!!

Don't Forget the Ultimate Tag Trading Strategy says 'it is critical that you focus 100% of your referring energy on finding, training, and supporting 1 new Active Referral per week' !! If you need help in learning how to refer others without spamming all over the net, please contact your sponsor or a moderator here.

Thank You everyone and HAPPY TRADING!!!

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