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Exclusive Tag Traders Group
If you are interested in being a member of our Tag Trading group, please
REGISTER with your tagvillage username here, then contact your sponsor or you can
send a private message on this site to Alisa or one of the other moderators:

kaimanayana, scrapgirl, yanji, MrEZMoneymaker, damohr, aftrusoon, or Alisa

Thanks to aLL of you that are trading well here! ** GREAT WORK from some of you!

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 Instructions and Tips On Using these Forums

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Instructions and Tips On Using these Forums Empty
PostSubject: Instructions and Tips On Using these Forums   Instructions and Tips On Using these Forums EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 5:36 pm

Thought I'd make a post to help people that are new to working on a Forum..........

There are several 'Forums' here and are labeled according to the subject matter.
AY Tag Traders Welcome & Rules
Q&A (this is where you are now)

There are also Forums within Forums....

Tags For Sale Forums
* 13 Cent Tags Only
* 14 Cents to 49 Cents
* .50 to 1.08 Tags
etc, etc, etc,

If you get lost, look above, left hand side and you will see where you are located in the site.
right now, I'm here: tagVillage Friends :: AY Tag Traders :: Q&A

and the above 'bolded' shows above the top yellow bar on my screen.

If you want to POST tags for selling, you need to go to the correct Forum and Create a Topic.

I have a list of tags in my inventory that show a value of .12 that I want to sell.
These tags will sell for .13, so I go to the '13 Cent Tags Only' Forum and click the top left button that
reads 'New Topic' (because it's my first list ever)
then I copy the list from 'My History' or wherever my list resides and paste into the open
white box. I would also make sure I put in a 'Subject' like "My 13 Centers" or something like that.
Then just click 'Send' and my new topic is created.

When people buy my tags, they will 'Reply' to my Topic and paste in a copy of the list of tags
they purchased from me. This shows everyone they are accountable to our team and are buying
regularly, not just posting tags for sale.

Now..... let's say people have purchased my tags and at the end of the day (or whenever),
I want to update my list with new tags for sale..... this is the most effective way of doing so:

Open up my own Topic and click 'Post Reply'
Type in something to indicate these are new tags 'My Updated List'
Then paste in my new list of tags and click 'Send'

That's it. Now I can go shopping in other people's Topics and I will make SURE to click
on that 'POST REPLY' button and paste in a list of what I purchased, every time I purchase
from someone.

When you reply to a topic, showing that you have purchased tags, people will show appreciation
by clicking on the little '+' button on your post in the upper right hand corner, giving you more
'Reputation'. The more Reputation you have, the more often people will be confident in you and
want to buy from you more often. They will know that you are a buyer, therefore, they will
want to buy from you too!!

Happy Trading!!!
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Instructions and Tips On Using these Forums
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