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PostSubject: new updated high search rate tags   SUPERB NEWS!!! EmptySun Aug 26, 2012 7:22 pm

party supply store and san antonio 0.13
online teach fast program 0.13
scamp trailer travel used 0.13
interosculate mortgager 0.13
air purifier los angeles 0.13
buying and selling mortgages 0.13
travel nurse jobs north carolina 0.13
business liscense los angeles 0.13
rental houses los angeles 0.13
refinance mortgage tax deduction 0.13
los angeles shopping center 0.13
mortgage approval online 0.13
four season hotel los angeles 0.13
travel club luggage 0.13
wholesale travel asia hotel 0.13
los angeles entertainment companies 0.13
travel europe vacation zaragoza 0.13
traillite travel trailers 0.13
advanced mortgage marketing 0.13
place car 0.17
managed webhosting 0.17
houston texas wedding 0.17
buy new notebook 0.13
new luxury hotels 0.13
new family car 0.13
new business tax 0.13
lemon reciepe 0.13
lemon reciepes 0.13
advertising antonio san television 0.13
sports memorabilia san antonio 0.13
san antonio litigation attorney 0.13
travel package great britain 0.13
auto body paint los angeles 0.13
cheap travels insurances 0.13
los angeles property tax 0.13
los angeles career builder 0.13
security home mortgage 0.13
real estate mortgage network 0.13
news live los angeles 0.13
los angeles soccer shoes 0.13
bootcamps los angeles 0.13
learn how to sell mortgage 0.13
angeles bed los sofa 0.13

new fashion designers 0.49

london compare mortgage interest rates 0.2
family travel ideas 0.22
interest current mortgage rate 0.22
bus service las vegas to los angeles 0.22
forex euro news 0.22
lemon recipe 0.22
angeles lawyer los 0.29
how to buy used cars 0.29
free abortion clinic 0.29
home and garden decor 0.29
leather trunk 0.29
insurance attorney chicago 0.38
college loans federal 0.38
payday loan credit 0.38
pontiac trucks 0.38
learn and earn 0.49
buy sell business 0.49
scuba discount supplies 0.49
the best mortgage deals 0.64
cooking knives 0.83
data recovery software 6.76
get a home loan 1.08
cheap travel insurance over 80 1.0
art schools 93.29
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TagSter Rookie
TagSter Rookie

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PostSubject: SUPERB NEWS!!!   SUPERB NEWS!!! EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 2:57 am

Nothing for sale here, I pasted all low priced, targeted tags in 14 cents to 49 thread, it is quite a list there, please look, you will have quite a treat.

The reason I write, I just want you all to see it.
This is from tonight, February 21 commission:

Ads targeting this Tag have been clicked [1] times in the past 30 days with an average cost per click of [6.71]

for one click from 22 cents tag I got paid tonight $1.34!!!

I think this is something to celebrate for all of us, we are getting there, sowly but surely :-) lol!

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